Elevators for All, Standard or Tailored

Lifta offers elevators that combine reliability, durability and elegance and the best of Swiss quality. Lifta elevators are marketed and installed around the globe, and the company can assist the life of your elevator with a competent, professional maintenance service.

Swiss quality since 1972

Lifta has been operating in the elevator industry for 45 years and over time has served all types of customer. Whether for condominiums, villas or any other type of private or public construction, including industrial settings, Lifta brings your project to life with a team of experts of long experience and know-how in the sector. Each component, down to the smallest detail, will be studied and selected to provide you a personalized elevator with an excellent quality/price ratio.

A complete range

Lifta units satisfy all requirements, adapting to the dimensions, style and characteristics of any type of building and context.

  • Internal and external vertical elevators
  • Panoramic elevators with full or partial glass walls
  • Units without a machine room and with limited head space
  • Inclined elevators, even with variable slope
  • Cable, hydraulic and rack-and-pinion units
  • Industrial units
  • Freight lifts, escalators, people movers and mobile platforms
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Our finished projects are our best calling card


Elevators for condominiums

Our elevators adapt to any type of condominium and any space, even the tightest, and offer the best in aesthetics, durability and safety. The excellent quality/price ratio and low maintenance costs are key factors for keeping condominium expenses under control!

Private units

Lifta offers you an elevator... just the way you want it! Our elevators can be personalized and adapted to the style and context of your home, lending a touch of refinement and comfort.


Public units for hotels, showrooms and retail outlets

Functionality, economy of installation and maintenance, durability and personalization: Lifta is a guarantee for your elevators and lifting equipment, from refined showrooms to large shopping malls or hotels, and high-capacity public service units.

Elevators and freight lifts for companies and industries

From elegant offices to industrial facilities: our elevators, freight lifts and industrial units offer the best of Swiss quality, durability and dependability and blend into the surroundings.


Lifta, a choice of value

Contact us today to submit your request without obligation. You will find competent people who can propose the best solution in all respects!

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